Leslie Barry

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Turning data into information into data

Isn’t it interesting how we’ve spent massive resources interpreting data to turn it into information, and then through the sheer volume of information, have now turned that information back into data? Now we have to aggregate the data-information into meaningless ‘infobites’ (twitter, facebook, etc) to get through the noise. Is the result information of data? Or noise?

Everything you need to know about bitcoin. Thanks @getcoinjar

"Starting out to build your first idea can be daunting. Fortunately there is a wealth of information and education out there – but what do you focus on first? How much must you spend? What should you spend it on? And how do you get the word out? You can seriously improve your chances of survival by making sure that each area of your business is strong, and well thought out before you start trading – just follow these 7 top tips:"

Jobs-to-be-done innovation thinking driving outcome based innovation. 


How to Analyze Your Startup Like A VC in 15 Minutes Or Less

Short discussion on value of customer interviews.

Reading is the portal to all knowledge.

Reading is the portal to all knowledge.

gorgeous visualisations.